VIDEO: South Algoma Flailer After Overdosing


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ Residents in the 100 block of South Algoma are running out of patience with a new wave sweeping the neighbourhood.


There appears to be a number of people spotted in the area flailing out on hard drugs recently, but one woman is much more frequent and prominent with her flails.

Residents in the area have called the police to report the activity but that has resulted with no fruitful resolution regarding the ongoing flailing. We have been told that the flailing is increasing in intensity and in frequency in the area.

Earlier in the day, a 911 call was made on a faliler that had overdosed. Police, paramedics and firefighters arrived on the scene and the person was taken to the hospital. Back just in time to do it all over again.

Above is a photo that shows two ambulances attending the situation. Below shows the person being whisked off to the hospital for further medical care.


We have been told that this specific woman can be seen flailing out around this building almost daily. The criminal activity also appears to be on the rise in the area. The Chris Osmar alleged kidnapping/rape incident occurred just around the corner from here (link at the end of the article). There are numerous drug houses within a 5-minute walk from this location.

DRUG USERS! Please, if you are going to flail, please stay home or inside the trap/flop house that you are using at. Stop flailing outside where children may see you. Is that too much to ask?

Below is the video of the flailer after clearly arriving in flailtown.

Posted by Pino Demasi onย Thursday, May 2, 2019

Other than study after study and โ€œharm reductionโ€, what is being done to curtail the epidemic of dangerous drugs seeping into Thunder Bay? Leave your thoughts in the comments. City councillors, donโ€™t be shy.


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  1. This is my neighbor hood. It is awful around here. There are drunks/ drug addicts everywhere as well as multiple crack houses. One gets shut down and within a few weeks to a month another one opens.

    1. That’s because criminals can carry on their trades in Thunder Bay with relative impunity. Our justice system is a joke.

      Drug dealers and other criminals are duly arrested by hard working cops only to be given a threatening lecture in court and put back on the streets within hours to resume business as if nothing had happened. Get caught doing the same thing again, same revolving door “justice”.
      Our failing courts and judges are responsible for much of the repetitious crime we see going on uninterrupted. What is there for criminals to fear? Virtually nothing. Look at the rap sheets of most of the people going court. Most of them repeat offenders over and over and over.
      If there were harsh penalties doled out and upheld by the courts, criminal activity would drop considerably in Murder Bay.

  2. What this town is going through at breakneck speeds is nothing short of a tragedy of epic proportions. The drug dealers, the drug users are destroying this town and all that’s being done is more Narcan being dispensed just to make sure the dealers keep dealing and the users keep using. When does it end? Where does it end? The police are out there playing “wack a mole” while EMS and Fire I’m sure are exhausted of this crap. The time needs to come where first responders take the LONG route to attend their “victims” and start letting nature take its course. How many times…HOW MANY TIMES does the SAME person or people needed to be saved? These people can’t be saved, and don’t want to be saved which is clear because they keep on doing the same drugs over and over and over.

    1. Ignorance at its finest. Start demanding more detox, and REHAB, not demanding people DIE, you moron. Every addict has a family and people who love them and are helpless because there is NO help for them, do you get it?? There is no help. People die every day because there is no rehab anywhere in Ontario, some rehab beds have 500 people waiting.

  3. Keep opening up free drug clinics! That’ll help.
    Welcome to the Liberal way of thinking.

  4. Is there not a law against public Intoxication? Cearly if theyโ€™re flailing you would think they go to a detox or jail and charged for it. Idk it sucks

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