Tractor-Trailer Unit Nailed for Speeding Among Other Charges


(MARATHON, ON) โ€“ Last night a member of the Marathon Ontario Provincial Police detachment observed a transport speeding in a 90 km/h zone while travelling on Highway 17 near Marathon.


A traffic stop was initiated and the responding officer conducted an investigation into the vehicle.

The officerโ€™s investigation revealed that the tractor-trailer unit was not only speeding as well as not having a working speed-limited system.

Preliminary results of the investigation ended with the driver of the transport being charged with:

  • Speeding.
  • No working speed-limiting system.

The vehicle was not in compliance with the rules for large commercial vehicles that are travelling in Ontario. Speed-limiting systems help save lives by preventing the vessel from reaching dangerous speeds.


The Ontario Provincial Police would like to remind the motoring public that safety is everyoneโ€™s responsibility. Excellent work P/C Hudders


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  1. I agree if the truck diver is over the speed limit charge him. No doubt about it dangerous but a use of a limiter is still the most dangerous way of stopping speeding. There are time especially when leaving a double lane into a single I have had cars boot into the passing lane almost causing a accident. My biggest problem is being cut off and not being able too speed up. I can’t expect a police officer on every corner so my safety is at risk. This has happened so many times too so many drivers. Again we our only as safe as our ability to safely get in and out of lanes.

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