3 Week Old Infant Found Unresponsive, Police Are Investigating


(THUNDER BAY, ON) โ€“ย City police have investigated the death of a 3-week infant.


Postpartum depression can and often does cause psychotic episodes that can become dangerous to the mother, the child and anyone else who is around.

Residents nearby told TRCCTB.COM that although they donโ€™t want to share the motherโ€™s name, she has been struggling with addiction to numerous hard drugs over the past decade. The mother was the subject of missing person report while she was pregnant with this child.

When the mother turned up after being plastered on the internet as a missing person, it was determined that the pregnant woman was on a drug-fueled bender which included crack use, and cocaine injections among various other substances.

UPDATE: The mother was located at a known crack and fentanyl house thatโ€™s involved with, you guessed it, Toronto gangs.


***ย Police say that they were not able to lay any charges and are not expecting any charges to be laid at this time.

The mother has a kid from previous sexual contact, that kid is in his fathers hands.

Unfortunately, our information ends here as our ear on the street saw the infant being taken by ambulance to the hospital from the scene near Red River Road and College Street.

We have been able to confirm the infants death. One of the people in the area is very certain the baby was never revived and has passed on.

If you have any further information regarding this incident, please reach out to us via call or text at 807-355-8917 or you ca email us at tips@trcctb.com.


16 Replies to “3 Week Old Infant Found Unresponsive, Police Are Investigating”

  1. How the hell did the mother have custody of a newborn infant if she was using drugs during the pregnancy? Did she attend the hospital to give birth? So many questions, the major fault lays with the mother….. however how many opportunities were there for professionals to intervene and keep this child safe? This pisses me off and disgusts me beyond belief!!!!


  3. wow such a shame I feel for these moms and especially babies that are conceived and born under these drug circumstances why anyone would let their baby suffer such a brutal cruel death will never be known. Drugs are a cruel thing and unfortunately for the ones that get addicted there is no cure unless they want to cure themselves. I know a lot of people who have overcome their addiction but unless they want it it will never be. My heart breaks for the baby that has passed under such terrible circumstance never having the chance to live the life that they deserve. Also to the mom of this child having to bare the cross of knowing what she did and never getting a chance to love this new life she brought into the world. So anyone with an addiction and if you have kids try to get yourselves clean you are the only one that can do it no one can do it for you.

  4. A well known crack house? Manslaughter? This is not right. I donโ€™t care if she is a junkie or not. 3 weeks old means it was breathing and eating. This is a murder charge. The only one(s) that should be charged for manslaughter are the enablers that are feeding people these shit drugs. If itโ€™s a known drug house, then raid it and shut it down. As for the addicted mother, time to remove that baby maker, no? This is an incredible story and yet another that sickens me to my stomach!

  5. If the mother was doing drugs while pregnant the baby would be born addicted. The hospital staff would be able to tell this why was she allowed to take the baby home?

  6. This POS junky should be mandatorily sterilized.
    No more children for her – I know, no pay cheque, right?

    The wrong person died here once again.

  7. No charges? Unbelievable.

    Has the value of human life dropped that low in this city that people can simply get away with this heinous behaviour? How many time will the mother be permitted to do this before she’s charged?

  8. song…another baby child is….not born…..in the ghetto……sorry to say but better off….no life of despair…rest now………

  9. How are charges are not being laid ????
    They know who the mother is ( oops guess sheโ€™s not really a mother) this is ridiculous so now you can just throw a baby away and itโ€™s totally ok????
    Yet a parent stops at a corner store leaving a child in car in a car seat sleeping. Parent is in and out of store less than 5 minutes with their milk and bread only to find the car with people gathered around trying to open the doors and the police are on the way.
    How the Hell is this the law????
    What kind of society are we living in??

    I enjoy reading your news Pino. Iโ€™ve never committed on any articles before but this one really pissed me off.

  10. POLICE ARE NOT ABLE TO LAY CHARGES??? ISTHIS A F’N JOKE??? what about failure to provide the necessities of life??? I cannot believe this an innocent infant is left to fend for itself and passes and the cops arnt able or dont want to lay charges people like this POS should b sterilized or put to death..dont gimme the BS about addiction being a disease a drunk driver goes to jail so should this piece of human waste

  11. No charges are being laid.. how about Section 215 of the Criminal Code FAILURE TO PROVIDE THE NECESSITIES OF LIFE!!!! AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO IS CONFUSED/ANGRY BY THIS!!!sounds like the poor infant never had a chance with a absolute @#!%$ for a mother…I have friends who cant have children and would of gladly taken that little angel..but instead
    this one throws it away like garbage…WOW!! I’d love to hear all the snowflakes come out and defend her actions…P.S.- still waiting for my last comment to get posted

  12. Just goes to show how little we (society) values the life of this lost child. I suspect the addiction issues aspect as well as likely “heritage” aspects have created a buffer for the mother protecting her from the law. Now she can freely go out and do it all over again.

    It’s disgusting AND unlawful but seems with our political climate as it is in this town, certain people can get away with murder.

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