(THUNDER BAY, ONT) โ€“ Local hobbyists, Nicole and Jeremy McFarley are looking to expand their wood creations into a local business.


Jeremy moved from Newfoundland to Thunder Bay to do roofing work after the big hail storm six years ago.

It wasnโ€™t very long until he met Nicole and fell in love, that is when he decided to make Thunder Bay his new home.

โ€œThunder Bay is a great place, and itโ€™s a lot like the city Plate Cove West, in Newfoundland where I was born and raised.โ€ Says Jeremy.

Nicole was born and raised here in Thunder Bay and never wants to leave. Nicole says โ€œI love our camping and fishing spots and our beautiful scenery.โ€


Nicole works for Options Northwest, she has been working there for fifteen years and loves it.

The hobbyโ€™s started when Nicole wanted to buy a handmade piece of furniture from someone, but the piece never got finished.

Jeremy took matters into his own hands and went to work in the garage to make Nicole the furniture piece she was wanting.

โ€œNicole fell in love with it, and it all started from there.โ€ says Jeremy. Jeremy does the building while Nicole does the staining and painting.

Now they want to try to expand their handmade furniture building into a local business.

โ€œBasically, we want to give people some nice handmade furniture at an affordable price.โ€ Says Jeremy.


They are taking orders and will work with any requests. Their Facebook page is called โ€œwood you be mine.โ€ More photos and Facebook link after this advertisement: